Hacker who gave up Wikileaks source dies

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Adrian Lamo, a computer {hacker|programmer} best known for passing on information that {led to|caused} the arrest of Chelsea Manning, has died aged 37.|}
In {online|internet} messaging {conversations|discussions}, Manning confided in him{, | }describing {confidential|private} military {material|substance} Manning had {sent|delivered} to Wikileaks.
Wikileaks {published|printed} the {video|movie} of a US helicopter {strike|attack} that killed seven people, {including|such as} a journalist working for the Reuters news agency.
The {cause of|reason for} Lamo’s {death|passing}, confirmed to the BBC {by|from} the Sedgwick County coroner {in|at} Kansas, {has not|hasn’t}{ yet | }been made public.
On Facebook, his {father|dad} Mario wrote: “With {great|fantastic} sadness and a broken heart {I have to|I must} let know all{ of | }Adrian’s {friends|buddies} and acquittances [sic]{ that | }{he is|he’s} dead. A bright {mind|head} and compassionate soul is gone{, | }he {was|had been} my beloved son{.|}”
Lamo’s own {record|album} {as|for} a hacker {included|comprised} some high-profile {targets|goals}, {such as|including} Microsoft and the New York Times.
{‘Thrust upon me’|}
{Speaking|Talking} to the Guardian newspaper in 2011, Lamo {described|explained} his decision to give up Manning {as|because} “{not one|none} {I decided|I made the decision} to {make|create}, but {was|had been} thrust upon me”.
Lamo said {he would|he’d} have “lasting regret” if Manning {was|has been} {handed|passed} a {long|very long} sentence.
Manning, {known|famous} at the time as Bradley Manning, was {eventually|finally} sentenced to 35 years{ in prison|}. {However|But}, President Barack Obama later commuted her sentence and {she|that she} {was|had been} {released|published} in May 2017.
{She is|She’s} {now|currently} {attempting|trying} to become the Senator for Maryland, her home {state|nation}.
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on Friday {described|explained} Lamo as a “petty conman and betrayer of {basic|fundamental} human decency”.

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